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The 26th Annual WoodenBoat Show

Family BoatBuilding

WoodenBoat magazine started Family BoatBuilding in 1998 as a way to bring new people to boatbuilding, and to boating. The concept is simple: To provide a kit that can be built in two-and-a-half days and provide expert building instruction. The goal is to launch all the boats into the water midway through the third day of the show. And then they put their boats on their cartops or trailers and take them home.

You need no previous experience, kits will be available. Our kit producers will be on hand to provide all the instruction you’ll need.

By the end of the third day, your boat will be completely assembled and you’ll have developed any skills needed to complete the last bit of rigging and finishing at home.

You should order your kit directly from the producer.

The Moccasin 14

Moccasin 14 — from B&B Yacht Designs

Length 14′; Beam 28″; Weight 36 lbs.

More details from B&B Yacht Designs

To reserve your spot or to inquire about other possible boats that can be built at Family BoatBuilding, please contact Graham Byrnes at: 919-923-1464 or