Concours d’Élegance

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All boats exhibiting at the WoodenBoat Show, on land or in-water, are invited to participate in the Concours d’Élegance.

What follows is the 2019 list of winners. Thank you to all the participants! The level of craftsmanship you bring to the WoodenBoat Show never fails to impress. Special thanks also to the Concours d’Élegance sponsors, Heritage Marine Insurance, and the team of judges.

Winners of the 2019 Concours d’Élegance

Awards for Sailboats

Category Boat Name Company/Owner
Professionally Built Winner LIBELLULE (Dragonfly)
2019 24′ Cape Cod catboat
Arey’s Pond Boat Yard (builder), David Bouley (owner)
Professionally Maintained Winner WESTRAY, 1960 39′ Concordia yawl Ray Hunt/Abeking & Rasmussen, Juan Corradi (owner)
Professionally Maintained Honorable Mention PATIENCE, 2006 22′ N.G. Herreshoff Fish class Stonington Boatworks, Bill Mills (owner)
Owner Built Winner ESCA, 2018 15′ wherry Walt Simmons (designer), Scott B. Williams (builder/owner)
Owner Built Honorable Mention ISLATIANA,  2019 12′9″ Catspaw dinghy Joel White (designer), Patrick McQueen (builder/owner)
Owner Maintained Winner SNOW STAR, 1968 37′ Double ended sloop K. Aage Nielsen/Walsted, Tom Kiley (owner)

Awards for Powerboats

Category Boat Name Company/Owner
Professionally Built Winner West Pointer,  2019 17′ 6″ Center console runabout Six River Marine
Professionally Built Honorable Mention PINTAIL, 2018 20′ Outboard utility skiff Thomas Townsend Custom Marine Woodworking
Professionally Restored Winner MILO, 1972 26′ Brownell Bass boat Thomas Townsend Custom Marine Woodworking, Tony Delima (owner)
Professionally Restored Honorable Mention DEPECHONS, 1927 45′ Commuter yacht Al’s Boat Yard/Stephens, J. David Kelsey
Professionally Maintained Winner SEA REBEL, 1067 44′ Sea sportfisherman Warren O’Neil, Warren R. Jacques
Professionally Maintained Honorable Mention SALAR, 1955 40′ Lobster cruiser Rockland Boat Company, Thomas Townsend Custom Marine Woodworking
Owner Built Winner FALCON, 2018 14′ runabout Nick Behlman
Owner Built Honorable Mention SWEET LOUISE, 2017 16′ Glen -L runabout Bob Slatt, Scott MacLeod
Owner Maintained Winner SEA CHANGE, 1929 30′ Cabin cruiser Wicks Bros., Roger and Linda Davis
Owner Maintained Honorable Mention JENNY M, 1958 36′ Picnic boat, 1956 Herb Baum, Stafford J. King IV

Awards for Manually Powered Boats

Category Boat Name Company/Owner
Professionally Built Winner 2016 14′ Pea pod Belmont Boatworks,
Professionally Built Honorable Mention SEA WOLF, 2018 17′ Sea kayak Newfound Woodworks, Hans Friedel
Owner Built Winner SAY UNCLE, 17′8″ Row boat John Winters, James Budi
Owner Built Honorable Mention MOONSHADOW, 2019 10′ Rowing/sailing dinghy Platt Monfort, Steve McMahon