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All boats exhibiting at the WoodenBoat Show, on land or in-water, are invited to participate in the Concours d’Élegance to compete for awards in a number of categories including Judge’s Choice and Special Achievement.

What follows is the 2017 list of winners. Thank you to all the participants! The level of craftsmanship you bring to the WoodenBoat Show never fails to impress. Special thanks also to the Concours d’Élegance sponsors, Heritage Marine Insurance & Chubb Insurance, and the team of judges.

Winners of the 2017 Concours d’Élegance

Judge’s Choice:

ACHILLES 24′ — Fay & Bowen Junior Runabout, 1924 — Reuben Smith/Tumblehome Boatshop

Awards for Sailboats

Category Boat Name Owner/Company
Professionally Built RUNA — 20′ N.G. Herreshoff-inspired Daysailer, 2017 Stonington Boat Works
Professionally Built Honorable Mention ARTEMIS — 31′ Nat Benjamin-designed Sloop, 2016 Andrew & Leslie Cockburn/ Gannon & Benjamin
Professionally Restored MAH JONG — 52′ Cheoy Lee Yawl, 1957 Pat Ilderton/Gannon & Benjamin
Professionally Maintained JEANNE — 25′ Watch Hill 15, 2011 Artisan Boatworks
Owner Built SCALLYWAG — 15′ DS15 Mini Sport Boat, 2017 Hunter Gall
Owner Built Honorable Mention ARGIE — 15′ Dudley Dix Daysailer, 2017 Kevin Agee

Awards for Powerboats

Category Boat Name Owner/Company
Professionally Built SUNSHINE — 20′ Albury/ Rockport Marine Runabout, 2017 Rockport Marine
Professionally Restored EGRET — 46′ Chesapeake Bay Deadrise, 1951 Bernard Gustin
Professionally Maintained SAM V — 37′ Rybovich Sportfish, 1964 Robert Melton
Professionally Maintained Honorable Mention SCARLET — 36′ Penbo Cruiser, 1963 Thomas Townsend Custom Marine Woodworking
Owner Built VIEWFINDER — 18′ Runabout, 2016 David Hurd
 Owner Built Honorable Mention MISS MADDY III — 26′ Cruiser, 2015 Jeff LaPratt
Owner Restored KATHY — 27′ Robert Rich/William Atkin Cruiser, 1970 Frank Chase
Owner Maintained SEA REBEL — 44′ Warren O’Neal Sportfisherman, 1969 Warren R. Jacques
Owner Maintained Honorable Mention SEA CHANGE — 30′ Wicks Bros. Cruiser, 1929 Roger Davis

Awards for Manually Powered Boats

Category Boat Name Owner/Company
Owner Built ELIZABETH — 17′ St. Lawrence River Skiff, 2016 Will Aurigemma